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Tobiano Coloured Racehorses

Welcome to Angrove Stud the home of the first ever placed coloured racehorse Angrove Rumbaba



Angrove Mumsbuns out P2P March 2017


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Angrove Fatrascal 

Angrove Rumbaba was the first coloured racehorse to be placed in a horse race under rules in the UK & Europe !

Angrove Rumbaba first race was at Hexham on the 23rd of April 2012 where he was placed 4th out of 7 runners.  Ronnie Rhino rummy stable mate ran in 3rd  and 2nd was Green Flag who was placed 2nd in the Kauto Star Novice Chase at Kempton on the 26th of December 2013 Placed 3rd on 16th June & 4th on the 23rd of April 2012 at Hexham, Ridden by Rebecca Smith Trained by Micky Hammond of Middleham

 Rummy He has proved the doubters wrong and shown a coloured horse can race and even get placed!  His best race being at Sedgefield where he was a crediable 5th out of 12 runners and stayed with the pace and finished with the pack. Rummy was not the fastest horse but what he lacked in speed he certainly made up for in heart, he was a trier and always work to please, he was a yard favorite at Micky Hammond's and he was well liked at Middleham, where ever he went, he made  people smile and was a great crowd pleaser. Sometimes we need to remember racing should be enjoyable.

Life after racing 

 Now retired due to tendon injury in training, Angrove Rumbaba has made full recovery and is now enjoying his new career as a show horse doing ROR & Tarra classes at county level being placed or winning every time out.

Angrove Rumbaba owned & ridden by Laura Hudson have now qualified for the Tarra championships & the Jockey Club ROR championships at Aintree.( update Angrove Rumbaba was placed 10th out of 37 qualified horses in the final at the Championship show on the 29th of August at Aintree )

Angrove Rumbaba has now won his first ROR Class at Cumberland County Show, and has qualified for the Scottish ROR Championships at the Royal Highland Show in 2016.


Angrove Rumbaba above at Hambleton show 2015 placed 2nd, 2016 has seen Angrove Rumbaba yet again being very sucessful gaining an incredible 3rd at the Royal Highland again he had to quailfy for that show, At the Great Yorkshire Lev and I had the great pleasure in watching Angrove Rumbaba & Laura Hudson go 7th in a strong class of 38 in the retrained riding horse class.picturedbelowat the Great Yorks 2016


A Little about the Tobiano gene

We Choose to Introduce the colour gene Tobiano,known as the King of the colour genes!  Its one of the two safe colour genes with no hidden problems. The Overo genes two of  which carry risks to the horses health both funnily enough in homozygous form. Homozygous means the same gene inherited from sire & dam.  Firstly Splash White in Homozygous can cause deafness, and if born Homozygous for lethal  Frame Overo foals needs to be PTS as they have an incomplete colon. The Throughbred is generally never colour tested  and we felt we would use a safe Gene Tobiano although it does mean our horses are not 100% TB. They can be raced under both codes and can be raced and bred in 11 countries worldwide We would rather be safe then sorry! We don't believe in adding a fault to a breed.

Press & Media

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Above Chris Jackson at Hexham for the BBC Inside out which went out on BBC1 19th Nov 2012. The Team at Micky Hammonds Oakwood Stables l-R Gemma Hogg, Rebecca Smith,with Angrove Rumbaba & Micky Hammond 

Angrove Rumbaba as seen on the BBC web site sports pages Revolution on the racetrack. Here what his trainer said about him  

Watch Rummy first race at Hexham where he was placed fourth the full race and his Historic Placing on you tube


Clip of Angrove Rumbaba's race at Sedgefield where he came 5th out of 12 runners