When to Visit Angrove Stud Sculpture Gardens

Welcome to Angrove Stud Sculpture Gardens in Great Ayton, North Yorkshire


Welcome to the home of Heather Kitching who developed the sculpture gardens with her son Nick Davies since 2016, The pair began the gardens to aid the health of Lev Kitching, who was fighting terminal prostrate cancer, sadly Lev lost his battle in March 2017, Heather found sculpting brought her peace & eased her grief, As she was a grandmother she wanted to give a sence of adventure into her gardens to create a sence of fun for young minds to play in, Heather has planted heavily scented shrubs and plants to become a sensory wrap around aroma to lift the mood and reinvigorate the spirit. The sculpture's in the gardens are made of either wire, Mortar and a new product called Pal Tiya Premium which lends itself beautifully to creating objects much quicker then more traditional methods. The sculptures are easy to understand not arty or  pretentious, each one tells a story, many of them being life size there are around 25 sculptures in the gardens, with more being created weekly, when you visit you will often get chance to see the sculptures being created. 

Opens to the Public 

 The Angrove Sculpture Gardens opens to the public from 10.30 am till 5pm on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, may to september.  Dogs must be on leads at all times. free admission, but if you like what you see please leave us a donation to help with the future costs of creating art for the public free of charge.

Heather Kitching 

Heather was born in the peak district where she grew up with horses and dogs with wildlife surrounding her, she was an only child she has a very vivid imagination and would play for hours in the gardens of the 15th century cottage where she lived in with her parents, the memories inspired the planting of trees, shrubs,& the giant Gunnera's many of Heathers plants are cuttings of the orginal garden.

Heather was always artisitc had her mother not died when Heather was 13 she would have gone to art school, she was forced to get a job instead as her father would not provide for her, she went on to become an award winning Inventor winning British Invention of the year 2000 & Entrepeneur of the year 2000 getting several products to market. Heather love of horses led her and lev to breed the coloured racehorses and start Angrove Stud in 2006 in 2012 they saw their first colourbred racehorse Angrove Rumbab race and make racing history coming 4th and 3rd at Hexham racecourse, after the loss of Lev Kitching Heather changed direction and opened the livery yard in 2018. 

Nick Davies 

Nick has a great desire to authentically reproduce an asian garden to a high standard,he gained valuable horticultural knowledge from past role in a local nursery which we still use today, Nick is a trained Chef and his gardens reflect the colourful balaced palette of one of his elegant meals.

Nick has created a restful garden in which sits the water fall which flows in to the pond seating is set very close to the water to allow the visitor a relaxing experiance