How to Join the Paint Box syndicate

How to Join The Paint Box Syndicate

Welcome to Angrove Stud the home of the first ever placed coloured racehorse Angrove Rumbaba


  The most colourful syndicate in the UK ! Bringing vibrant colour to the racetrack


Angrove Colourbreds Bred to Jump! Colour Guaranteed Hurdles & Chase 

Angrove mumsbuns 

We are so proud of our horses that we breed we want you to be too, we dont just go and buy from the sales! we select the best mares, winners or mares with familes of winners and breed especially for racing ability, including the jumps racing lines from our stallion, who we also bred to breed these very special unique guaranteed colourbreds.Our breeding programme has taken 10 years and is an ongoing process, we are totally committed to breeding rare racehorses of colour which you can read about on this web site. 

  Be part of something different ! so special you can not buy one anywhere else !


We are proud to introduce Boo our 4 year old filly to racing this year please keep a look out on this page for more information. Boo is very certainly capable of jumping, as her sire is jumps bred on both sides of her pedigree, her dam is flat bred, and incredibly strong staying on well in her winning finishes . We are very excited about our first coloured filly in training, the third Painted Pony bred by Angrove Stud. Wow Angrove Mumsbuns aka Boo is 8th ! on debut at Banbury internation racing club on the 14th of january 2017 taking 2 miles in her stride in the bumper agaianst some solid Irish horses super pleased with this willing girl. 

27/4/2017 Update on Angrove Mumsbuns very sadly Boo has injured her superficial flexor tendon and has now been retired from racing. Boo incredible pedigree boosts the great Secretariat! in the sixth generation as well as the English Triple Crown winner Nijinsky ! and Storm Cat in the fouth generation,Danzig appears in the third generation all these great along with Nureyev in one colourbred horse!


Option 1 is a leased 5%  partnership share for a fixed period of 12 months this option is good for short term owners. A leased share priced at £50 per month for 12 months. Choose Option 1 using PayPal 

Option 2 is a leased 2%  partnership share for an amazing value of £25 per month this option gives everyone a chance at racehorse ownership. Choose Option 2 using PayPal.

There are three options available to join the Paint Box Syndicate, option 3 is an  leased share of 10%  followed by a £100 per month training fee. Choose Option 3 using PayPal.

Your chance to make racing History with coloured racehorses, As Seen on BBC1 Inside Out

Life is hard enough without trips to post cheques! So we set up a PayPal link below for your ease, but please have a good read of this page, to see just how much fun your going to have with this very special horse in the Paint Box Syndicate. the link will be very quick and easy and once set up you will be sent a welcome pack from us.For our full terms and conditions please see the bottom of this page. 

If you would like to talk to me first please give me a ring on 07803 298 033


 Your year in the Paint Box Racing Club leased share or 5% Owned share

You will have many visits to see your horse at the trainers stables and here to Angrove Stud when they are on holiday

We always have a  midsummer BBQ with locally grown meat from our prize winning butchers & salads from our garden, you will be able to see our mares & foals playing while you enjoy good food and friendly company plenty of chance to get great photos of you with the horse's and of course our wonderful colourbred foals ! 


Meet the jockey who will ride your horse at the races, Visits to Micky Hammond's racing stables in Middleham 

Collect your special owners badge  

At the races where entry to paddocks, bars, owners and trainers facilities are all part of your special day, you will be

allocated an owners badge free or at half price of the normal entrance fee. Free Tea and coffee are available at all racetracks for  syndicate members, We will take you to the pre parade paddock to see your horse saddled then on to the parade paddock by now you will be very excited. You will then meet our trainer and have a pre race chat while watching your horse parade before the race, wearing our Paint Box Syndicate colours. 

Feel the excitement

We will meet you at the races having organised your tickets it will get very exciting as your horse parades for you in the paddock and your chance to talk to the trainer, your jockey will come out to the paddock and you will get to meet them as they get legged up on to your horse.  Your horse then travels down to the start and then the fun begins! As you can not take your eyes off your horse, your day is guaranteed to be fun and you will never forget the thrill.

Making History !

Angrove Rumbaba in 2012 the first coloured racehorse in the UK to ever be placed ! 6 other coloured racehorses have tried in the UK, since the year 2000 and failed ! in Europe there are also coloured and palomino horses in training and racing, some more successful then others this is a very exciting time to get involved into something new and potentially big! 

A share of any winnings, Monthly Newsletters Email updates with training & Racing information

 The excitment of watching your own racehorse which is quite distinguishable from all the others! 

You are leasing a 5% share of a racehorse, you will not be buying 5 % share of the racehorse if you wish to buy a 5% ownership share please see our for sale page for details

Disclosure; Injuries to racehorses do happen sadly as this is sport not with out risk and sometimes horse have to be retired and found good homes or pts we do not insure for loss of use or fatality but only third party accidents in training or racing.

Terms and Conditions for the Paint Box Syndicate registered with Weatherbys British Horse Racing (BHA)

Angrove Horse is on a free lease from the Angrove Stud( Lessor’s ) to the Paint box Syndicate (the Lessee). There will be 20 shares available.     
1 The agreement will be over a calendar year and covers the fees of your Racehorse in Training. Insurance entries & jockey fees shoeing vets fees travel, overnight stabling.
2. Agreement fees will be set at the start of the year and are guaranteed not to rise during the duration of the agreement; the fee is £50.00 per month.
3. Initial payment will be in the form of a Paypal or Direct Debit from our web site or by cheque or postal order; subsequent payments will be by Standing Order or Direct Debit or paypal. 
4.  Failure to provide payment on the due date will result in the suspension of the agreement. If the payment is not received within 7 days of the due date the agreement will be cancelled, one months payment will be charged together with any bank charges incurred by Paint Box Syndicate.
5. To cancel your agreement, one months’ written notice must be given and confirmed by Paint Box Syndicate, The Paint Box Syndicate reserve the right to cease the syndicate with one months notice.
6. The trainer of the selected racehorse has been by appointed Paint Box Syndicate.
7. Race entries will be made by Paint box Syndicate in conjunction with the appointed trainer in the best interests of the racehorse and stake holders.
8. All communication with the trainer will be via Paint Box Syndicate, except at stable visits or at the racecourse.  
9. Racecourses generally provide four complimentary passes for owners.  Stake holders will be given the opportunity to receive these passes on a rota basis.  Paint Box Syndicate will endeavour to supply remaining stake holders with free or discounted passes at the discretion of the racecourse involved.
10. At the end of each calendar year Paint Box syndicate will assess the direction in which to continue in the best interests of the racehorse and stake holders. 
11. At the end of each calendar year stake a cheque for their percentage share of any monies due from race winnings
12. If the nominated trainer decides that the racehorse is no longer viable to race during the agreement, the Agreement will cease and no further fees will be incurred by the member of the Paint Box Syndicate.
13, Exclusions, non routine vets bills, travel abroad,